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Wellness & Fitness

Lehighton Area High School Wellness & Fitness Course Offerings

PERSONAL CONDITIONING  (0.5) This course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn fitness concepts and conditioning techniques used for obtaining optimal physical fitness. Students will benefit from comprehensive weight training and cardiorespiratory endurance activities as well as additional lifetime physical fitness and well-being activities. 

FITNESS (.5) This course will encompass activities including: advanced skills development, strategies involving competitive team sports, mass games, designing an individual fitness and strength training program, lifetime sports and leisure activities

Wellness 1 (.5) In Wellness 1, the course will explore essential soft skills, including dealing with peer pressures, stress, goal settings, and conflict resolution. Additionally, it will provide instruction on developing awareness of the human body in its physical, mental, and social dimensions across all aspects of health. This encompasses concepts such as human growth and development, the impact of substances like alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, and understanding infectious diseases, including AIDS. The course will also cover topics related to contraception.

Wellness 2 (.5) In Wellness 2, students will engage in social-emotional learning and learn strategies to address violence within both the school environment and the wider community. The course will emphasize the importance of acquiring CPR and First Aid skills. Additionally, students will explore topics such as the significance of sleep and how to understand sleeping patterns, the importance of nutrition and macronutrient consumption during physical activity and as individuals age, as well as dental care and hygiene practices. They will also gain an understanding of the functions of the digestive system. Furthermore, the course will cover personal health and health consumerism, including an examination of various healthcare sources. Finally, students will delve into fitness, including different aspects of exercise, classifications of fitness levels, common exercise-induced injuries, and diseases associated with a lack of physical activity.

Adaptive Physical Education Students work on improving their fitness level, basic ball handling skills, playing games, and having FUN

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